I kinda dig crazy chicks

| Their menhera makes them hotter

| time to spend the night listening to ken ashcorp again, thx babe

| >>1019472 I love Ken Ashcorp. Touch Fluffy Taaaaaaaaaiiiiillllll!!! and so on.

| https://boards.dangeru.us/d/thread/1017402

| I want ryoshu to step on me.


| Right... Where would you set the bar for the numbers fo piercings and tattoos?

| How crazy are we talking? Like is it mildly depressed and unmotivated - unmanaged bpd mood swings - schizophrenia

| Me too op, nothing gets me rild up more then getting emotionally abused and used. Then loved, then hurt, then loved then hurt ect ect, best partners evers

| >>1019593 I like sadistic/masochistic girls I guess

| >>1019659 that's more freaky, not really crazy. I do like getting punched though, that's good stuff.

| I just want a gurl to cut ourselves with ;-;

| I've got a Q.

You know how watching people with torettes will generate identical traits if watched enough. Do you think menhera girls who cut for the vibes start developing similar symptoms create those with to bpd.

Or is there something just biomechanical, just a monkey see monkey do.

| >>1019828 that is fascinating but I don't have an answer for you

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