Whats been on your mind lately?

| Like not the obvious ones, not job,school or sex related.

| Well Ive been thinking how there are more big breasted girls around and about microstrip transmission lines.

| y-you *###*

| also my ex's sexual organ

| >>1019375 which organ, exactly?

| obliviously I'm think about you OP and how pretty you're compared to the rest
Don't you think there should be a law to deny your insane amount of beuty?

| >>1019380 the sexual one

| >>1019385 dick or cunt?

| >>1019387 depend

| >>1019373 >>1019381 Op here. So kind! Can you guys help me out on how to design a 2nd degree Bandpass filter and use the components to calculate the transfer function [H(s)]?

| Should've asked this before I cleared my mind. I've got nothin'.

| >>1019408 depend

| I've been thinking about how I'd be the perfect ruler of the entire Earth a

| Other than stress?

| I was debugging and the quote about Sissyphus suddenly appeared as a violent intrusive thought.

Defo top ten arcana rank moments in my life.

| >>1019463
What about Earth b?

| circuit boards, logic gates, cats, college, starbound, titties, factorio, estrogen, minecraft

| Self help, get rich quick schemes, shame, boredom, nightcore, fantasies of power, and naturally circulating testosterone

| Yukko wa honto ni baka danaa.

| Been thinking about getting into making bonsai, other than that I've been daydreaming about the future of having a house and a workshop garage for woodworking/smithing/tailoring/car mechanics

| fantasizing about electronic warfare and psycho weapons

| i miss my girlfriend >.<

| >>1019594 in Earth b, I'd prefer to be a commoner, it's just that cool and chill

| Following a dream I had two years ago I have become deeply moved by the plight of the proud tribes of Circassia

| The thing on my mind recently, has been which kamen rider belt to buy. Right now it's a toss up between the ixa driver or the birth driver with the x unit of course. Either way I have to pay Hella high shipping.

| >>bdca79 ironic, lark even

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