What's the best way to return to the 2000s

| I'm talking in apps used, games played, and lifestyle changes. I want to browse the web and not be catered to, come across random boards, cool pages, talk to new people.

I honestly think the best I could do to escape the headache that is the internet is only browse places like danger/u on a phone with very minimal apps on it.

Does anyone else want to escape the headache?

| Here is the secret: there is no love in the past. Only the present.
The past is made of static images, distorted memories, demented nostalgia. This, the present — with all its possibilities, innumerable hits and misses — is far superior. It is a *living* organism.

You played Disco Elysium. You played New Vegas. You played many other things, that *tried* to get this idea through your thick skull. I won't talk about literature, for that too is lost on you.

| You don't care about being alive very much, do you?

| You're very much wrong. Being alive is what I want more than anything. I genuinely think there's so much mess in every day lives and I want to remove that and purely live and when I find moments to play a game and sit down. It's something single player, modern or old just not an eSports mess that we see everywhere.

To assume I don't care much about being alive? Sad. You completely missed the mark. It's why going on a hike, meeting others, talking and socialising it's so important

| Also this odd rant about disco Elysium etc, I haven't played it actually and I don't go about searching for nostalgia that'll take me back, I just want simplicity. And the modern day living organism?? Far from superior we are certainly at the nadir of internet culture

| Man i wish i had internet on the days when everyone made a blog unmoterared. Closest thing to that is hypnospace outlaw. I may not suggest what youre looking for but a couple ideas i have is looking at flash archive for past flash games. Using a virtual machine to emulate old window OS. Although for minimal apps id suggest linux since it wont have the modern schlop windows has nowadays. I wonder if there are any old boards that are active that isnt danger/u/

| There's a webhosting site called "Neocities" that's a successor of sorts to Geocities, which was active during your desired timeframe. It's pretty cool.

| >>1019117 oh thats pretty cool. Ill check it out

| >>1019109 these things still exist despite big tech gaslighting. Go make a blog, build a website or a neocities, use WACUP for music its an open source winamp that can use all legacy skins and has updated features to connect to modern platforms.

| 75$ dell optiplex with windows xp installed,1280p monitor and gog library

| It's pretty simple, if you wanna get into old stuff you're gonna have to make a lot of stuff yourself, there's a pretty decently sized community around old tech. Look up Retrocomputing, neocities like >>58656c said, get a thinkpad laptop, check out Agora Road Macintosh Cafe, get Flashpoint for old flash games, buy a Walkman or CD player box, Armored Games still is goin strong, steam has a lot of old flash games that were revamped for pc.

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