Do I buy a Blahaj?

| I want cute shark because I am gay owo

| go to church

| forfeit your material wealth to blahaj g/u/rl

| church now

| Blaja church cozy~ blaja priest proud of you

| Get the Blahaj but make sure to bring it to church at least once or the sin within will begin to seep from it, corrupting your living quarters.

| Lets pray the gay away for g/u/r/l imagine being gay eww

| May the jade emperor pass on his divine enlightenment onto you, poor lost frog in a well. And I shall pray for your big fortune. May the light of buddha shine upon you.

| buy a blahaj... and FUCK it

| yes, you do buy it

| >>1019094
Kind of like 100 gecs frog on the floor

| disregard pink capitalism
spend the money on black market estrogen

| go store buy product

| It's worth it

| go product buy store

| Buy the ikea cat underrated plush

| I thought blahaj was a trans icon?

| >>1019471
It's been co-opted

| >>1019515 can't have shit in detroit I guess

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