Do not marry non virgin women

| Unfortunately, they don't explain in school the simple truth about virginity and intimacy, and why it's very important.

A virgin woman thinks "it's us" when they are together, because she feels intimacy.

A non virgin woman, who let other dicks inside her, thinks "it's me and somebody else". Because there is no more sensense of iintimacy.

If you marry a non virgin, you will get divorced sooner or later, and will have to pay her alimony. Your life will be ruined.

| mom look! Real incel lmao

| >>1018936
Are you retarded?
the fact that it wouldn't bother you the slightest that the last man got a virgin pussy while he was worse than you shows us how much of a subhuman beta cuck you are, you are the kind of pathetic idiot who is willing to do twice the job for half the pay

| lmao g/u/rl
if you can only make sure your partner stays with you only if she has literally zero dating experience whatsoever, because otherwise she instantly sees you as a loser, then I'd recommend some serious introspection

| i want to have op's abortion

| imagine getting married lmao

| >>1018939 I hope you're joking or drunk rn, otherwise there are no hope for you left.

| >>1018935
I’ve thought about this. I think you can make peace with not having a super close/long marriage, and even plan for the divorce later. Any worldview which requires lies to exist cannot long exist, and the truth is it’s them and someone else. Even if they never sleep with anyone else, they’ll imagine others in fantasy, and come to realize sex feels good, not just sex with us. The thing which really scares me is not the generous love, but the rejection and leaving others.

| I didn't know they had internet in Uzbekistan, mashallah

| >>1018936
Many people are going to be incel, and our plan to do a sexuality we can love shouldn’t say ‘if you’re at the bottom you just can rot.’
I don’t like the mindset of shame here. Sometimes you’re low on to pole, and live the happiest life you can with that. It’s not that others, more fortunate than us got to enjoy her which is the problem. It’s that she’ll humiliate and hurt us because she loves these alphas and sees us as lesser.

| kill yourself op

| DO NOT MARRY VIRILE MEN. if it is his first time, you need to castrate him after he's had his single cum for his life. men who have had the opportunity to knock up multiple women CANNOT BE TRUSTED to do anything beyond BRUTISH, THUGGISH, EVIL RAPE!! don't have sex with men who still have their balls, it's not worth the risk!

| It wouldn't be like that if you wizards learned how to use some common sense to grab who's of your kind and who's not, as for the experienced side, there is always the need to push off those who don't know how to play our games, after a while it gets boring to only shove off and I believe you can understand what happens instead

| >>1018971
Probably also true aaaaaa

| >>dc536 is an official retard

| Honestly at this point you just gotta give up and end it

| And they hated him for he spoke the truth

| Ur mom gay
-poppy de una familia

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| >>1019288
You could say it's a master bait, something OP needs to go do

| Yep. I ruined my life by getting with a non-virgin. Fml

| >>1019329 I wouldn't mind to be up for fyl if you know what I mean

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