8 gimme ur fav song NOW

| Ty

Mines is mehro - "hideous"

| I hate picking favourites but I'd have to say ELO - Twilight

| umm ACKCHYUALLY, we have a board for that :B
Here you go >>>/mu/

| >>1018148 *fucks ur mouth*
This is a music robbery shut tf up and gimme your fav song I ain't playin no games dog

| idk, anything that nachi from twinkle*twinkle circle sang I guess

| "and for five minutes, everything was just fine" https://youtu.be/CvFH_6DNRCY

| El Lugar Correcto By Natalia Lafourcade

| >>1018215
This is my new favorite song

| I… i love hatsune miku…… >u<

| >>1018130 ur my fav song OwO

| Maybe not my top favourite but I'm quite fond of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."


There are a lot of them, but I... I love hypno5e... ... >u<

Hypno5e -- 6 fingers in one hand she holds the dawn

| I always end up coming back to red vox - Atom bomb

| I always come back to
"Setgeliin Egshig" by Ethnic Zorigoo
for long drives with my brother, dreamy nights, and le epic gaming moments
mongolian techno goes hard af

| >>1018254 >w< oh my gosh *blushes*

| >>1018254 >w< oh my gosh *stabs you*

| >>1018254 >w< oh my gosh *starts cutting herself*

| i've been really into gimme x gimme feat miku and rin lately

| also been bumping the fat of the land album by the prodigy. im a fan of the 90s techno rave wave :3

| >>1018368
*grabs your bleeding arm and starts running so you can do the feminine cutting alternative activity *

| >>1018220 hooray

| What if boys cut too, they just do it at ‘construction sites’ and hide it as ‘scars’ and ‘naturally tough skin????’

| Axel f Crazy Frog

| Railroads b Crazy Train

| Kanonenfieber - Die Havarie

| rose water - Overpade

| I Saw My Parents in a Rekt Thread by DoNotCondone

| Kero 9 Destiny.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_cikTgwMXY

| The Czar by Mastodon

| The Czar by Mastodon

| my life is over

| Тhe Czar by Mastodon

| The Czar by Mastodon

| We've been on day 8 for a while now

| >>1019064 that's a long day for sure

| There's no way i could pick a favorite, i listen to everything i like to listen to on shuffle on a single playlist. But if i had to pick one, i would be stuck between "You Belong To The City - Gleen Fray" and "Life is a highway - Rascal Flatts" two songs that i would probably pick for my funeral.

| Ty everyone for ur songs

| definitely not きゅびずむ

| but it won't get out of my head!!!!! helppppp

| Car Seat Headrest - Sober to Death

| Ethnic Zorigoo - Setgeliin Egshig

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