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day 2 ai talk

| henloo poppy here, what do yall think about the current state of ai? Hate it? Love it? I know a lot of memes are comin from the dream machine rn, theyre really unnerving imo.
I LOVE ai when it comes to helping people be more creative or get help with a task, like programming help from gpt and cool art from pixAI. However the amount of bloat and shit posted on the internet from people spamming ai is annoying as fuck, ai is getting good, which is mostly bad until rules are in place.

| don't want to hear about it, don't think it's _important_ for common people, but it can be fun
the idea unsettles me
why do we need ai if we have humans(ourselves)?

| Yeah I need to leverage ai unironically. It might be a meme but the few times I’ve used it it’s been very helpful.

| i use ai for longer time, not so complex as ChatGPT, but it's not something what would surprise me that much or make me anything to think about it. It's just as complex calculator. It's useful? yes, do i have opinion? not really

| I find that AI is pretty useful as a language tutor, especially when it comes to explaining the meanings of individual words and idiomatic expressions (in spanish at least).

| More way for corp to fucked over small ppl. Multi front gurl like me can just be replaced by ai, ain't that depressing

| >>1016829 асtually true

| we wouldn't need ai if we had friends...

| What does multi front mean?

| >>1016868 I like to think it mean jack of all trade aka having a commitment issue

| Pick up a pencil

| >>1016904 I do every 3 day unfortunately

| >>1016897

I get the impression the way to thrive using ai capabilities is to have deep understanding of as much as possible and let the ai handle the trivial details, so you could still have broad interests so long as you know what’s going on with many things instead of learning surface details for many things

| """AI""", or, to be precise, machine learning models, are awesome... but only in like 0.1% of uses that the retarded techbros and corpos think it's good in. Why the fuck do we need statistical algos to create images when it 1. ruins the point of art 2. lets corpos fuck over real people?? Like, yeah, it's an interesting thingy, statistical black magic, but why not automate something boring, so that our life is better? Fuck this grift, I hope this fucking bubble pops in a year or two

| and don't tell me that im pushing back just cuz i don't get it, ive spent 2 semesters in college learning this shit

| The point of art is experience and information. If image generation expresses what you want expressed efficiently , it increases art. I have not used it because it seems hard and all on others’ computers, though I recently bought a graphics card.

You don’t get it I’ve kissed my tech bro daki 2 HUNDRED times and he’s so handsome and cool.

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This thread is permanently archived