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legal advice

| Let's say there's a construction site in my town that's actively destroying beautiful scenery and wildlife to build holiday houses (there's tons of tourists where I live). Now let's say I put signs at the front gate saying that I filled their tanks with water & sugar (I didn't actually do that) and to not leave their stuff unattended. Theoretically, if they had a way of tracking me down, how fucked would I be? Asking for a friend.

| eh just don't talk and get a lawyer and see what it's looking like. You're not doing more than a year, and probably a warning.

| Higurashi reference

| Put up a sign warning people that vandals have been sabotaging vehicles in the area. That way you are not admitting guilt, especially if you haven't done anything. Don't say you did something unless you actually did.

| G/u/rl even if you get away with it that's not going to solve anything. It's time to escalate to arson.

| It's not illegal if you don't get caught ;)

| >>1016675 if you aren't American, you are fine. If you are American you are fucked up.
-This isn't advice

| (hypothetically) you could (theoretically) (in a fictional universe) breach their cyber infra that's probably maintained by some unpaid interns (in a minecraft server)

| Okay, quick update: they put up a sign saying that they made a police report for threatening and that the place is under video surveillance. Whether that's true or not, idk, I kinda doubt it, but I also found out that they're doing environmental work, changing the soil or whatever. I left an apology note making up a story about my dad's death and clarified it's NOT because of the police report (it is).
So TLDR: I'm a retard and questioning my own intelligence right now

| Just avoid the area in the future bozo kun <3

| if they are recording and notice you avoiding the area theyll know it was you, try spending more time there so you look less sus

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This thread is permanently archived