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| literally cannot sleep because of how much i want to cuddle with someone
no my pillow doesn't count
i think it's based in my unfulfilled desire for love, affection, acceptance, and worth
i don't know to fix this
why can't this just be easy...
i don't know, im stupid, im weird, this hurts
seriously, how pathetic do i gotta be to post this on this website
im actually impressed
this is incredible
kinda funny tbh

| I feel your pain g/u/rl...
You're not alone in this...


| *fucks your mouth*

| >>1016625 the yearning is real. I'm a big fan of casual affection so I'd be down to cuddle and kiss if you were around :3

| my partner is coming home in 20 minutes and is going to hold me in his arms until i fall asleep
engulf my g/u/rlcock with your throats, nerds

| Cuddling time would take away from gaming time, or impede it if done simultaneously. Never forget what's most important.

| >>1016625
Post your location and get cuddled, idiot

| >>1016683 I live in Place, USA. Come find me.

| >>1016625 i don't remember i posted this

| >>1016683 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington

| >>1016627 romania...
also i never said i was a g/u/rl, but i also didn't say i wasn't

| we should rename /u/ to /f/ for freaky

| >>1016717 Holy shit, a talking gypsy!

| dakimakura dakimakura dakimakura

| Romanian will steal a kiss,gon steal ur wallet too

| >>1016764 https://youtu.be/VHygTMF98Rw

| I'd literally hug you OP truly
But only if it was an easy thing to do...
I live too far away

| >>1016778 Grow longer arms.

| and no one thinking about kitties or lost dolls like me :(

| I use touch to create files cause I'm l337

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This thread is permanently archived