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day 1

| I like this place, and it's always in a state of dying, so gonna do a little thing where I post a new thread every day. Idk how long I'll do it for, but I hope it keeps adleast one of you coming back each day ♡ I'll just do a random topic or question each day, I don't really have a plan, I'll just wing it. Feel free to call me poppy. That's all ig, see yew tomorrow meow.

| cool

| Do you also cut your wrist?

| >>1016597 I use to but not really anymore. It's mostly a last resort thing. *fucks ur mouth*

| >>1016603 aww *stabs you*

| Ok this is fun.
Have sex and have fun.

| Theg Lives

| It's funny how are we similar

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This thread is permanently archived