I want to do romantic stuff with my boyfriend :3

| Not necessarily sexual stuff because I want to keep an asexual relationship, but I want to do wholesome and cute and romantic stuff like holding hands, kissing, and cuddling :33

| me too but he lives a gazillion miles away..

| Watch a movie or go to a theme park or something

| Anyone who at least semi-terminally online, please tell me wtf is asexual relationship is pls

| Sextans?

| >>1013587 being a mentally ill person

| >>1013587 by definition, a relationship that avoids The Sex

aka fucking cool cuz horny is overrat-

this is correct :3 i love being happy with my partner without feeling the need to do sexual stuff or feel horny :333

| >>1013593 this seem fitting. Thanks!

| >>1013558 technically cuddling is sex too. just a PG13 one

| I would love to have an asexual gf! (While having a moderate sex drive myself)
We could do some extreme cuddling and snuggling, and maybe some kissing too! And I only get to edge and have a raging boner!
Pure bliss!

| Have sex and have fun

| >>1013799 thats not very cash money of you

| handholding is extremely lewd OP idk what ewok kush you are smoking

| >>1013770 and then you would rape her.

| >>1013818 I don't kinkshame but c'mon g/u/rl! don't project your fantasies onto me!
I'm a professional edger.

| >>1013594 the greatest sin in the year 2024 is not being sexually available to everyone who asks
even kidfuckers get less flak, as far as people are concerned at least they're having sex

| >>1013770
this is cute :333

| Wtf boys are eww go lick some pussayyyy

| >>1013960 this g/u/rl hasnt been exposed to boysmell

someone fix this

| >>1013934 thanks you cutie!

| Fell in love with a trans whose opinions I read online last week. Felt fueled up for a week, didn’t masturbate, felt pure and full of love. They start hinting at suicide again, I’m tired, I masturbate to erotic but depressing hentai rape, I feel like shit. Go enjoy your boyfriend non sexually, even if it’s not perfect, you won’t regret it.

| >>1014026 most sane /u/ser

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