| I’m starting to think that empathy is not a good quality to have in life.
It literally does nothing but hold you back, the more empathetic you are, the more people will hate you for it.

Anyone else have this feeling?

| p much
you fuck or you get fucked, the funny flower was right

| i simply keep it in my pocket as a shitty power of sorts

never mention to anyone that you're an "empath" or whatever, just have it in your back pocket to read people easier to either help you ease your friends or to know when and where to strike your foes the hardest

| false, it's that sort of skill that is a necessity when you get a best friend or a partner with a good morale.
Otherwise yea, just fuck the bitches and assholes and call it off there.

| >>1013537 this fr fr

| Small doses it's good but too.much emotion driven thinking can take you down the dark side of reaction, this is what fuels a lot of culture war nonsense or even demands to throw yourself on the sword for a cause BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO CARE OR YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!!

| >>1013649 Logic is good we need both that and emotional intelligence.

Nerd cringe as it is the virtues from the ultima series are a great concept as each one alone can fail but together they can do more.

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