eepy thread

| thread for real eepy gurls only :3c

zzz... oo ee oo... zzz... oo ee oo...

| honk shoo honk shoo honk shoo honk shoo

| Discord is that way ma'am

| i just woke up but my depresso tells me to nap again, so we go round two


| Eepy time don't forget your meds if you didn't take them today :3

| >>91eee0 ty almost forgot my schizo pills

| How can I stop being eepy?
I swear no matter how much sleep I get I'm always exhausted and tired all the time.

| yaaaay bedroting time!!!!

| rotting!! >w<

| I guess it's Pomu time

| zzzzzzzz

| >>1013753 maybe not, sis


| wee woo wee woo brainrot detected

| Eeepy… helped family landscape today, back is sore. talked with friend on discord today… head is sore. Studied today… eyes are sore. But bed is fluffy with blanked mom made me and cushions. Good night ????????: )

| Eepy sleepy in my comfy bed and warm blanket

| Clean and eepy after shower. Warm fuzzy blanket mmmmmm

| I’m really hung over… i think ill just go back to sleep…..

| i'm eepy
i see a pee pee
it went lee lee

| I'm eepy too... goodnight girls...

| I'm not eepy but I want to eep

| Eep deprived and making too many mistakes. Good night girls

| Im always eepy and wanna eep all day

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