Minor Vent

| so long story short i keep crushing on one of my online friends. i don't want to bring the idea back up because me suggesting the idea caused friction at some point but i keep thinking about it. and i don't even know if it's really them i like so much or just the idea of someone returning my affection. IDK it's all illogical.

| is this where i mention vrchat?

| >>1013486 no, this is when we mention Vent???!!! Amogus??? SUS?!

| Have you met them IRL? You really shouldn't have a crush on someone you've only talked to online.

| >>1013494 lame, start exchanging feet pics OP

| Can we start talking about how LDR doesn't work again? My favorite part of /u/ in the longest time ngl

| >>1013494 no and that's part of why I consider this all dumb. not that i can help me being a dumbass, outside of not bringing it up to them.

| Just kys or something didnt read your post lol

| >>1013524 now THIS is MY favorıte part about /u/, unwarrented suıcıde suggestıons on messages less than half the character lımıt

| >>1013538 so true

| >>1013512
Well you can try meeting them IRL. Maybe you'll stop crushing if you see how ugly they are. Or you'll crush harder but this time it has some base. Either way, problem solved.

| IRL meetings are understandably tough, not only because of travel but the fear of disillusionment seeing a person face to face. They're often worth it though if you're gunning for a partner.

| Otherwise, uhh...
>>1013486 isn't the worst option?
I'd say just find someone closer.

| vent sus. yellow sus vote yellow. please do tasks

| I saw purple lurkin', so suspicious. She kept flippin' switches at the 02 sensors!

| How many people are really lonely?

| >>1013767
Only 1, eEveryone else in the world gets along with each other just fine.

| >>e1ed78 just become really really good friends with them first, and see if you or them would want to visit each other irl. Just start there.

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