my discord scammer stopped talking to me :(

| Yup, just as you read. She was very convincing at making me think she wanted a genuine conversation, but she suddenly stopped replying. I didn't even get to know what kind of scam she was trying to pull.

Did I really seem that untrusting of her? Is my money worth less to her, just because I was a little defensive? Was there something else at play?

| any would you want to chat with a subhuman when you have us?

| Train an ai on her and continue the talk, with it pushing a scam going right back into your pocket

| oh, sorry babe I didn't see your message! Write to me at freeporn.com and we can talk!

| i love sex!

| Okay it was an art scam. Or a legit "artist" begging for commissions in a very pathetic way. Either way the mystery's over.

When I finally found out the truth, I felt a bit empty somehow. For like 2 seconds. Probably the most invested someone's ever been for a discord scam. And it was totally not because of the off-chance of it being a not-scam. I totally don't crave socialization at all.

| >>1013447
>calls other sub-humans
>can't even write a coherent sentence

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