I've come to a realization

| I am gonna be forever alone

I should just off myself

| I've come, and the post nut clarity is telling me you're incorrect

| Do it pussy

| Just go to mongolia.

| Were you alone as a child? How do you have a word for alone if you haven’t experienced the opposite? Checkmate!

| >>1013442 if you want to get into good relationships, you should feel okay being alone with yourself first. all people are unique in their own way, you're not an exception. get your life in order, and one day you'll meet someone you're interested in spending time with.

| I know right? It's so unfair. I've been sitting here, every day, waiting for a woman to materialize in my room and I'm getting sick and tired of waiting so I'm just gonna off mysolf.

| relationships are so overrated i dunno why would you even want that

| >>a77e80 99% of lonely people off themselves mere seconds before their dream woman materializes in their room. Be the 1%!

| >>beaeed Based.

| >>beaeed based

| >>beaeed beaeed

| >>1013469 true be told, you get to experience different kind of emotions that you'd never know if you stay alone.
and it's not sex >:([/spoiler]
Also you can get the work done better/faster.

| >>1013504 >:((((

| >>1013504 truly, one of the textboard softwares of all time
>>1013469 aro genocide best day of my life

| >>1013504
True. When you're alive work is so much harder/scooter.

| alone*

| >>1013469 Anyone who says relationships are overrated has never been in a good one lol

| >>1013517 are you implying most relationships are things that are "easy to manage"? Are relationships "easy work"? Can it not be extremely exhausting for some people?

| >>1013520 ur so right
>>1013504 >>1013517 yuou just dont understand the freedom and power that comes with being single. here watch this uuuooouUUUGHHHRRA*cool_werewolf_ripping_his_shirt_off.png*

| >>1013520 I think if a relationship exhausts you, it's a bad relationship. You two should be comfortable, shouldn't you?

| Have you tried having sex?

| >>1013531 Would recommend. You kinda see the world differently once you're getting pussy on the reggo.

| i'm in a good relationship, very respecful of each other and almost more "coexistent" rather than "mutually absorbed" i guess? we live with each other and love each other but largely do our own thing, just not doing the things others don't like

i understand why people might not like that limitation nor the loyalty involved in monogomy

hell, polygomy might even imply too much loyalty for some people's style, and thats okay

we're all uniquely weird, and thats a good thing

| >>1013454 one day? When? Logically that's a fallacy and a dismissal of my point and feelings

| >>1013645 logically, if you make improvements in your life then your life will become better

the more you settle and stabilize your life, the more attention you can pay to your social life which *will* innevitably find you facing someone you click with, either as a romantic partner or just as a bro

its easy to assume your life will go nowhere, i was trapped in a similar line of thinking until i was pulled out by someone else becoming my friend

| its not over

everyone can improve, including you

everyone can find companionship, including you

unless you can give me a solid unrefutable reason why you are physically unable to find company, i will disregard your words and provide unconditional support because i believe in you. you'll get there. it'tl be tough, but it'tl be okay.

| >>1013532 I wouldn't say so

| I love you

| >>1013773 oh really? then tell me 5 good things op is notable for

| >>1013778 being a massive piece of shit that should kill herself immediately

| I fycking love girlfailures like OP
Please don't die, I love you so much
Let me sniff your g/u/rlsmell

| I also want to sniff you op

| let us sniff u op!!!

| Do it

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