WARNING wound picture but tf is this???

| why is there a picture of a lake in the middle of the wound healing process on Wikipedia???


| don't you start cutting any deeper yourself gurl, thinking about how much you can hide deeper wounds ain't the biggest of your priorities

| Lmao, fr fr

| Cut it

| even mild gore can be upsetting to some people, so its good to take breaks with more calming imagery such as this

| It's right there on the description. "Canyon is where I heaved the rock and slipped, over on the left, slightly out of the picture. It was the last pic I took that day."

If you want a better pic, fall over and take pictures of your own wound healing smh

| >>1013472 so true bestie!

| >>1013472 you mean I can advertise myself if I voluteer to become a example image by wounding yourself??

| >>1013472 sorry for being a silly sissy :P

| soo, when OP gonna post her cut pic? title explicitly said "WARNING wound picture" and I expect a goddamn wound picture of a shut in mentally unstable terminally online probably taking estrogen suicidal gurl!

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