happy mothers day to everyone with shitty mothers

| yay :(

| :(

| No happy mother day to me then :(

| I have ptsd because of my mom :(

| lol. lmao. :(

| ur mom is having a happy mother day by shitting on other moms

| My mom is super based and lets me drive when she’s too drunk. Stay mad! I will be just like her <3
Happy Mother’s Day to everyone with mothers AND grandmothers

| My mother gave me anxiety and confidence issues with how much I got smacked for minor stuff as a kid but I strangely miss her in spite of that without excusing her.

| >>ba4903
People are complex and she must have given you at least a little of something you need. If you’re missing it, find a way to get it again, without the bad parts. I am trying but still anxious and lacking passion. Also can’t really reach out to people when I’m supposed to be studying, and there’s nothing I can actually do for them. Going for a walk.
Sending the love we both already have inside us (probably)

| I gave a bad massage to my mom and ended up giving her bruises

| I want to have sex

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