Kill the president

| Kill the president

| ok

| double pipe barrel time

| ur mom is the president

| or double it and give it to the next person

| Nigger

| my reaction to that information

| Which one?

| Kill the CEO is more cyberpunk

| Killing the president won't do enough for that much systematic panic. Biden isn't even in control, its that poor senile old man's handler.

You need to either Hitman 2 a bunch of people in powerful places to cause public chaos, or just stick to local things to change your life a little if you want to murder your way into success. Find a job you want thats at capacity? Make capacity, and use one of the now "prior" employee's stuff to land the job they "slacked off" from.

| In Minecraft *

| I love saying incriminating things on the internet. I'm certain I will never see the consequences of my actions.

| Good work agent Liz Truss

| Kiss the president

| What would the Committee of 300 think about this

| >>1013598 This is all just fortnite roleplay dw dw

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