how do I clean my toilet?

| I've been using the toilet for a while but I've started to be worried about the pilled up poop going on, are you supposed to just wait till it disappear?

| dump a cup of lye into it and add about a liter of boiling water
should help

| boiling water and porcelain? that toilet's gonna crack and break from the sudden temparature shift

| >>1013075 porcelain is good enough for nasa's heat shielding and it's good enough to handle some boiling water
get fake

| >>1013076 "good enough for nasa", artemis 2 got delayed because of heat shield issues but ok
>>1013072 whats your address let me lick it clean for you hun

| >>1013082 what's your? I'll lick you clean first

| >>1013076

| why are blueg/u/rls so nasty?

| By using a fork.

| Don't clean it. Just buy a new one.

| Imagine not shitting on the street

| Firecracker.

| Firestarter.

| Firebombing.

| Firepunch

| >>315f49 >>1013210 >>94ef8e >>955205
Hey, hey, hey, what is up with all these trouble starters and punkin' instigators?

| >>2a97fa >>2e94e1 >>ab84eb >>bebfde >>94ef8e >>87e97d >>81e63f >>89d252 >>315f49 >>806d19 >>955205 >>64363d Rainbow poop :DDD

| >>1013345 trouble starter 3 here

kaboom :3

| >>1013072 Get a toilet bowl scrubber from the grocery store with some cleaning pods and scrub that shit out.

| >>1013530 Woe be upon ye.
I cast [ P i p e b o m b ] at fifth level!

| lick it.

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