What do you think happens when you die?

| Personally, I think we're just energy that's gonna disperse, and go somewhere, idk where but we'll technically still exist, just scattered around.

| relief from the suffering? don't be silly.
we will never die. this is all there is.

| Have sex and have fun.

| Have sex and have fun.

| Personally I don't think about it much, but if it could be anything, I've always thought it would be super cool to have a "wikipedia spectator" sort of after life. You can see all of past and future history and see through all of it and rewind and stuff. You can search specific questions or topics to get various answers. Sounds silly but I always liked that idea

| Either groundhog day or reincarnation

| return to ayin

| Personally I'm hoping for a Haibane Renmei type situation, but the answer is probably just nothing.

| we think about where we'll be after death a lot but not as much where we were before conception. i feel like it will probably be the same

| I really don't know, or really care right now.
I am (at least in my head) far enough away from death to not bother thinking about it but if I was to say I hope it's like a sweet nothingness, like when I'm half asleep, random dreams and memories become one and tell their own stories that I experience until they shift.

| I think when I die, my life will start from the very beginning, I will live it again, I will die again and be born again, I will live my whole life from beginning to end, endlessly
My life is the only thing I have and will ever have, because my life is the only thing I truly deserve.

| i'm hoping that when i die i cum REALLY hard about it

| you give to nature your body and become part of the earth

| I like to believe that once I die, thats it for my conciousness - just void. It's honestly terrifying to think about keeping some sort of postmortem conciousness via an afterlife or being a ghost or something.

| Your brain becomes cold and then you start to mold!

| To the score bord. Try to cum more next time

| Same thing that happens when you sleep, except no wake up

| I kinda wish hope its reincarnation, just cuz a part of me is holding out a hope that I get reincarnated into the gender I want next time instead of needing to transition for it ;w;

| >>1013088 You will transition no matter what




| >>1013088 I hope so too, but it will never happen(

| I don't have the answer.
I believe it's probably that my conciousness will simply stop and disappear. If I have good odds, maybe my neurological combination/structure will resurrect somehow as a boltzmann brain or perhaps as an intelligent alien in some who-knows planet.

What I WOULD LOVE to be after death, if possible, would be:

- become a God, maker of my own realities
- a spectator like >>1012753 said
- ghost
- a physical embodiment of Life
- a wizard in another universe
- me

| Poltergeist would be sick. Just fuck with... Or fuck random people. Epic.

| totally same things what happened before born

| >>1013320
You become a fetus when you die *nods sagely*

| You press R to Respawn.

| >>1013465 gamers don't die :sunglasses:

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