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I just came to fried chicken, AMA

| >jerking that crazy thang
>had my VPN set on the US
>about to #coom
>ad for Chick-fil-A comes up just as I’m orgasming
>I have to sit here pretending like I didn’t just cum to fried chicken.

Death to america.

| your n-word pass should be in the mail shortly

| time for you to get a dildo

| Why the fuck you have no ad block on dawg

| OP is a coombrain

| >>1011468
I actually got called "mi negro" by a Venezuelan shop owner the same day so I guess that confirms it. It all makes sense now.

| >>6a270c >watching porn
>no adblocker
Legit asking for your orgasm to be ruined

| >>1011494 yeah, thats the point

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This thread is permanently archived