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apparantly its weird to let soda sit

| i was at a company party and apparantly its weird to let the soda sit??? idk why like- drinking coke with the carbonation literally feels like a liquid heart attack so i HAVE to let it sit

i'm not weird for this right gurls?????

| Coca Cola is the new gutpunch

| I dilute soda with almost double water or else I die

| I never touch the stuff. After two soders I start seeing red.

| I mistakingly took one sip of undiluted coke and my ulcers started feeling hurty and I almost got blood in my mucus so I had to take 2 days off to have a lie down

and everyone was very nasty to me about that. They said bad hurtful things to me. They called me tastycakes and they picked on me and sticked pinecones in my ass.

| I've never heard of anyone letting their soda sit, but if it makes it more enjoyable to drink for you then there's no reason not to do it

| I actually love the insane burning sensation when I drink it right away.

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I used to make fun of my older brother for swirling his coke with a spoon because he didn't like how the carbonation went up his nose or some shit and eventually he came to lover Dr.Pepper which I also made fun of him for because I thought it tasted like stale coke.

Eventually I started to enjoy Dr.Pepper too because it tastes more like real cola whereas coke is less about the taste and more about the experience imo so the jokes on me I guess.

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Jill would know exactly what to serve you. Based piledriver enjoyer right here.

| i personally really dislike stale soda so i don't like letting it sit, to me it tastes more like regular sugar water, whereas with fizz it just tastes different for whatever reason, i guess i like the mouth-feel, so i agree with >>1011119
but i also get it, very carbonated drinks can be a bit hard on the throat and so on

| my dad lived and breathed coke

when i still lived with em, it was almost a daily ritual to sacrifice a tall glass of coke to the big man in the morning

to the point where he kinda screwed up his throat and the first sip or bite of anything that wasnt coke burned a bit

dont know whats going on there
but yeah


| Eastern European spotted



| >>1011216 based doc perian enjoyer

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