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Cheap food to survive

| I'm about to move into a place and kinda want to try to survive on food cube kenshi style. What should I add to the recipe? other than cum(already the first thing to add)

| Current thing I want to use
6.some sort of oil

| Cereal.

| Sardines are pretty cheap

| Instant noodles

| the blood of your ex

| stale belvitas/nutrition shakes for old people (i drink the vanilla ensure)

| Moss.

| Oats are the best

Beans may be cheap but their nutrient content is low so they're not really worth the price imo

| >>1011094 I decided to add beans too to have all amino acid thingy, but I can take them off if I add other thing. If I want absolute minimum it seem that rice, beans and eggs is all I need, but I want more stuff just so I don't go mental

| Maybe try and add potato starch/powdered potatoes that you can bulk buy. It should mix well and hold together nicely with your other ingredients

| uh, my cheap food tends to just be rice w eggs, fish or salami.
this also seems promising

| When it comes to carbohydrates rice and pasta are the cheapest depending on where you live but potatoes are good for versitality since you can do all kinds of different meals with them like boiling, roasting, baking, mashing, grilling, scalloped, french fries, au gratin etc.

But yeah if you got oats as your main stable you pretty much only need greens and a source of protein. You might want to look into lentils(I like the red ones) since they're green and cheap.

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| >>1011099
I heard somewhere that potatoes and butter contains everything you need to survive but I dunno if it's actually healthy. It seems like rice, eggs and beans might be healthier but I would keep those oats in my diet if I were you.

If you want to save money then salad/cabbage and herbs can easily be grown on your window sill. Some spaghetti, tomato sauce and basil/oregano with pepper is more than OK if you want to pennypinch a nice meal every now and then.

| tl;dr if I was going into this for a long time then I wouldn't neglect the oats

| >>1011138 I'm thinking of planting some plants too, but I'll look it up again when I'm actually there

| 5L pot of water,throw some chicken bones in,some vegi,a week wort of food for like 7$

| if you don't care about taste or nutrition id say get some canned meats like spam or whatever

| >>1011136 oh! egg on rice got me thru school when i was too poor and didnt have enough time to cook. just get some regular white rice, mix some seaweed flakes/soy sauce, crack a raw egg over, and boom! cheap but good tasting food

| Eggs and rice, they have everything you need

maybe add oil or butter if you're weak

definitely add some spices if you don't want to die of boredom

| >>f57b19
Now you'll save up 50k a month in no time !

| kenshi food cube?
ummm I'd say add kelp, rice, and human meat?

| >>1011322 nah, I'm just using it's concept of mixing random cheap shit together and swallow it to survive kinda food

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| >>9b3c37
Keep on truckin', joke-g/u/rl! Any day now someone will laugh at one of your jokes, I'm sure of it.

| >>1011332 what about cow?

| Why is no one pointing out that adding your cum to your meals is a fucking genius idea?
If your body already produced it, you should reabsorb it! Brilliant!

| >doesn't use semen as skin cream

| >>1011445 i got legitimately asked about the protein content of semen today btw

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