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Touching grass is not enough. I hope all my homies heal from the things they don't talk about.


| Y-you too

| woa there
did you just touched grass while unprotected?
rumors says you might be poisoned and get any sort of illness like herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, vaginitis, viral hepatitis and HIV
i suggest you to interact with your sexy big dong doctor(real) in your room and see if you're in danger✓✓✓
if it shows positive you, I'm sorry, there is no cure but at least you can be together with us

| fuck g/u/rl... you made feel emotions.
that's... bad?
idk, dunno how feeling work anymore

| Bump if you love your friends

| Thank you so much gurl

| That's real

| Nigger

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This thread is permanently archived