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Haven't been here in years

| Hi, fellow g/u/rl from 2017 here. I think the last time I posted anything on here was in 2019. So many things have changed since then, but still not enough.
Glad to see the board is still up and running, and the community seems to be active. Please keep it that way, love y'all <3

| elona

| nyaaa<3 :3 :3

| "sure"

| nya

| elona by the way i am pomu *fucks your mouth*

| >>1010152 no hecking way man

| >>1010172 *gurl

| Now... what drove you to return to this wretched place? Was the life you were given not enough for you? Have you forsaken and shunned those who cared about you?

| >>1010180

| I love sex

| >>1010180 I'm back cause I visited a VRChat world that was themed after the bar from V4-11 Hall-A and remembered this place. Probably not gonna stick around for too long, but time will tell.
I actually found this board by pure luck. The danger/u/ Android app got in my recommendations on Play Store at some point and I decided to check it out. I distinctly remember browsing the app every day and every hour during my school years in my home town. I miss those times quite a bit.

| Right now my life has taken some twists and turns, I learned some skills I wanted to study for years, such as art and 3D modelling. I'm not really amazing at those things, but people seem to like the things I make. Feels nice to be a little bit needed for once.

| Also fun fact - I contributed the "What a horrible night" banner to this board. I've never even played Castlevania 2 so I've no idea why I had chosen to reference that of all things.

| skip another 5 years again.
We still haven't decided which kind of shitposting we like the most.
Maybe one of our schizos will share their time travel machine at some point.

| >>1010316 Glad you're enjoying your time back gurl.

| Another returning g/u/rl here, is it just me or has activity here decreased drastically? Like yeah this place was never huge, but I just swung by /v/ and one of the latest threads was last bumped over half a year ago...

| >>1010362 Was the thread last bumped over a year ago one of the ones with a colorful title? The new site engine (I mean, not that new now, but depending on how long you were away...) lets maids pin threads, so guessing you saw one of those. Things are kinda slow right now, but not quite that bad.

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This thread is permanently archived