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How did midterms go?

| I assume that was why there were so few g/u/rls for awhile

| You mean for like school or whatever?

| Yeah.

| >>1009941 it's 2024, who even go to school anymore? Did you lied on last danger/u/ age survey?

| I haven't had a "midterms" for at least two years, and good riddance.

| There's been fewer girls because the quality of posts is low and the topics inane

| :CirBleh:

| >>1010136 go back to discord

| thanks for asking. Its going pretty well so far.

| gay

| the schizo and toxicity balance is not even
we need more sacrifices

| 80% for my system security class and I didn't study or pay attention to any of the classes. And like a 90 in English, idk, I'm just existing though them

| Breezed through comp. sci. such that I was able to spent a good portion of my testing time doodling on the provided scrap paper, meanwhile math was rather wretched though my efforts were valiant.

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This thread is permanently archived