i went to a guy friend's bday

| i was the ONLY GODDAMN woman in that house jesus christ

| Congrat?


| >>1009940 it's only awkward if you don't suck their pp

| It shouldn't be awkward if you're actually friends with each other. You sure that's a friend?

| >>1009954 no it was awkward cause his friends didnt know he had a sausage-less friend

| K

| "I went to my friends birthday and made it all about me"

| >>1010024 if she was invited to a party where she was a total stranger to all but one person its reasonable to find the situation awkward

| local g/u/rl finds out most people hang out in sex-segregated spaces:

| >>1010029
I dont think that has ever been the case in my life ...

| >>1010059 sorry to hear you never were invited to the sisterhood, take your place as a statistical outlier and consider why this is

| Did you get your mouth fucked?

| Did you come here to get your mouth fucked again?

| >>ceb66c
Erm... I'm going to need a source, bud....

| No woman would ever describe themselves as sausage-less, especially not in a series situation and I reckon people might be weirded out by someone who acts this way.

| serious*

| >>1009975
Either op's friend's friends suck (in which case, op's friend also sucks) or op just have a problem.

I got a few friend/coworker circles where I'm the only woman (and a few where everyone's a woman except for one) and it's no big deal.

| That sounds awful ngl

| Trans dreams thread

| Just murder all of them with a chainsaw. Problem solved :D

| >>1010024 it's what the g/u/rl did. So selfish

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