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It's my birthday gurls

| I want to hear each of you say happy birthday to me.

| at some point, an otherwise happy couple must have decided, "we should raise children and give them a better life than we ourselves had"

the result made this thread

may god forgive your poor parents.

| Happy birthday to me!

| happy birthday to me!

| >>990e60 Funny thing my parents did not want children, at least not at the age they were.

| happy birthday :3

| happy birthday to me!

| Birthday sex imminent

| Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

| Birthday Gex imminent.

| Happy birthday to me, g/u/rl!


| Ooh mine is soon too! (^o^)

| happy birthday g/u/rl remember to be happy and live life to the fullest!!!

| Happy birthday, maybe a lil late.

| Спешу поздравить с днем рожденья!
Уюта, мира и добра.
Еще желаю настроения
И чтоб отлично шли дела.

Здоровья, радости, удачи,
Улыбок искренних всегда.
И пусть издалека сияет
Твоя счастливая звезда!

| Happy birth! Good news its the antichrist

| lucky you g/u/rl you don't have 3 FUCKING EXAMS on your birthday

| >>1008426 Maybe if you mention it's your birthday you can get a bonus mark or two.

| Happy bday g/u/rl!!
My gift to you is surprise hugs and some unproper body touchings

| Late happy birthday, today is my birthday

| happy birthday g/u/rl, yesterday was my birthday!

| Happyy borthuu dayyyy

| Hbg

| happi bday

| Hope you had a happy birthday, g/u/rl!

| happy belated birthday! #birthday #gay

| Happy birthy!!!!

| happy birthday

| Happy bappy pappy mappy birthday to you Opelido

| Happy birthday!


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This thread is permanently archived