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What would you do if there's someone you like but you cannot be with them?

| Would you communicate with them about it or just wait and hope for the situation to change?

Context: There's this person I like very much but they seem to exhibit behavior that won't be beneficial in a relationship in the long run. We both like each other and they've mentioned that they would want me to be their partner, but I haven't given them my answer yet.

| Have sex and have fun.

| Damn OP your willingness to love someone with a scat fetish is remarkable, I wish you both the best <3

| How do you know their behaviour "won't be beneficial in a relationship"? I dunno your entire situation, but I think it's better to give the relationship a try before declaring it impossible.

| Just quicksave, try it out, and if it doesn't work reload.

| >>1007751 this

| Yearning for them forever. Im still thinking daily about my crush from 10 years ago

| >>1007885 asking for my dad(male), how big was her weewee?

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This thread is permanently archived