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Stalker (1980)

| Watched it yesterday. Not sure I fully understood some of the more complicated bits but enjoyed it anyways, it was a nice experience. Also found out the fluffy rooms and dust was like pure asbestos and killed most of the actors within 10 years by lung cancer. What do you gurls think if you've seen it?

| Watched it in the Октябрь cinema theatre, and there were a couple of dudes cracking coke open and eating pop corn. I recon they thought it would be anòther king of s.t.a.l.k.e.r, lol.

The film is all right I guess, but I like Андрей Рублёв more

| >>1007524 kind of*

| Just started getting into the games, so maybe I should check it out. RIP those actors though wtff

| the sheer volume of "RETURN TO JESUS" in that era of soviet cinema makes me wonder whether the politburo was captured by the vatican
"we're on a space station! RETURN TO JESUS" "we're in a supernatural zone where miracles can happen if you want them to! RETURN TO JESUS"
i might as well be watching veggietales smh

| >>1007544 it was return to Jesus cuz they just lost like 60 million people lol

| >>1007647 it was 40 years ago + get real + cope + seethe. muh generational trauma is no excuse for jerking it to icons, as much as it is no excuse for genociding the palestinians

| Had no idea about the asbestos wtf lol

| wasn't it like anti establishment as vibes. Sort of thing where you can't critique the gov so you post sad memes. Like fado music in Brazil. I appreciate it in that emotional context but the first 20 mins or so is like pulling teeth.

| this thread has convinced me to watch the film. i will be back in 2ish hours

| >>1007747
Have a nice time <3

| >>1007775 the asbestos got them :(

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