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Are you worried about associating yourself with dangeru?

| Sounds fucking stupid but I've never told anyone I go on dangeru at all. Seems scary if they have some weird opinion on text boards and think I'm a creep or something

| If I told anybody I know I'm on danger/u/ they'd have no clue what I'm talking about.

| Depends on what you mean by "associating"
I don't hide that I go on here from the people around me, but I'm not going around talking about the site or promoting it or whatever. If I mention something from it I won't use the name. Not out of fear, but because nobody fucking knows about this place and I wouldn't recommend going on here

| If you don't wear a homemade DANGER/U/ hat when going outside you are no real g/u/rl

| No officer, I don't have anything to do with anonymous hacker sub-group danger/u/

| I don't speak about dange/ru/ because if i do, this place will change...

| I mean, this place is a bit fucked up and full of deranged people but me having one place that's a little fucked up is on-brand for me, honestly.

| Wtf is it? Gaywebsite?

—Pomu de una famulia noble Pomulia—

| >>1007406 realistically, only this. nobody would care enough.
If they cared, it'd fly over them and have them understand that I must be lonely and depressed.

| >>1007411 I am a TRUE danger/u/ PATRIOT
and I wear my danger/u/-themed clothes and accessories ALL THE TIME

| i have my dqnger u cock out side anyways

| Assuming people even have the framework to even know what a danger/u/ is omegalul

| danger/u/'s aesthetics kinda separates us from what normies see as "weird people zones", so not rlly. id honestly be more afraid of calling myself as an AO3/tumblr user

| >>1007745
Ain't tumblr one of the biggest social media platforms?? Haven't been on there so idk what it's like, but I thought that was right under IG, FB, and Twitter in popularity

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This thread is permanently archived