I want to know what this feeling is

| There's someone I like, but recently there's this heavy feeling that just won't go away. I feel like the more I spend time with them, do things for them, and like them, the worse this heavy feeling gets. It's been like this for a month now.
We both like each other and I've thought of letting them know about it, but I want to know what this feeling is first (I know, probably a good idea to share this at dangeru)

| - overwhelmed, anxious, fearful abt the possibility of closer connection
- losing a part of yourself or your identity to this person what w/the time you spend with one another
- subconsciously aware of potential issues in the relationship
like, here's some spitballing, but sister how the fuck would i actually know? do your own soul searching. i don't know *either* of you people

| >>1001799
Good point. Why the fuck am I asking for advice from anonymous strangers online? Thanks though. The first three points might've been what I'm looking for. (OP)

| >>1001801 i feel obliged to balance out the usefulness to fit in with board culture, so make sure to mildly inconvenience yourself today. forget why you went into the kitchen or sth. ok thanks

| Have sex and have fun, also don't get trust issue like me

| It probably is the fear of friendzone.
Say that you like them and prepare for the worst, but have no fear though, because as you said you both like each other, so there are chances

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