blueminion28 is back

| the legend has returned and i was 4 weeks late to the party babeyy


| forgot where the original context thread in the archive is

| Who?

| literally who?

| FUCK yall forgot

| it was a bunch of kids a couple months who was/were a low effort wannabe arg(?) the head honcho blue minion said in sept/octoberish that he (they?) would stop uploads until phase 2, which was 2024

| also pref please add the archive to the thread searcher

| your schizophrenia symptoms showing sis

| I remember this thread op everyone else just has dementia

| i remember looking way too much into this

| Wait who?

| bE oUr MiNiOn

Get your merch out boys, let's see who's fanfics are going to come true in this new epic season!

| i would rather drag my gock through powdered glass on concrete

| >10009337(you)

Let me end it all with a 9mormor

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