can we get a moderately large person to shoutout danger/u/

| it would be p nice if sseth or mandalore got a new influx of ppl to danger/u/. we have been dying off lately

| >>1001602

| hospital patient reached

| *hospital patient limit reached

By the way, I am Pomu de una famulia noble Pomulia

| no


| >>1001602

| Chlenickus sexus

| I'm a person with a moderate large thing for shouting out if you get my line

| no, I dont wanna see more genshin tards

| >>1001602 who?

| >>1001602 Sseth is cringe because ever since his Dwarf Fortress video I'm pretty sure all the things in his videos are just stolen or made up for clout.

The only youtubers I watch are BoatBomber and CookingwithHoarders.

| This board is like fucking ur sister,it's good because not many people do it

| Fuck no, I don't want a bunch of m*les here

| >>1002053 muh intellectual property. go suck walt disney's fossilized cock if it bothers you that badly. over here REAL g/u/rls will be pirating anime and enjoying entertaining youtube content all day.

| New people would kill this board

| >>1002247 pirating from big corps is fine.
stealing from smaller content creators is cringe.
I would steal from a walmart but I would beat whoever steals from a farmers market to death with my own two hands.

| >>1002318 based and anticorpo-pilled g/u/rl

| >>1002053 if we're just recommending ppl then yall should watch livakivi's stuff

| >>1002318 lol internet tough guy, you won't do shit faggot

| No. I like this place being limited to the retards that played va11halla

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