I am trans

| Fear me.


| yes, on a site for the mentally ill this comes as a surprise to nobody. what's your favorite music genre?

| Me too op

| >>1001297
White noise.

| same and my back and tummy hurt pray for me

| Obligatory kill yourself

| Kys

| The Spanish were more amorous and mixed more with the local population

| breakcore obvly

| >>1001455 this is true

>>1001296 I do not fear, I only love trans people!

| You, me, and most of the other users here. We're all g/u/rls afterall! <3

| >>1002136 uhm, not most of the users, actually

| >>1002298 it's okay to be in denial eventually you'll accept who you are inside <3

| >>1002315 "egg crackers" are the worst of the trans community and deserve to be ostracized
let people discover their identity themselves rather than shoving labels onto them you fucking retards. this is how you get the 2% that detransition and end up joining up with the nazis

| >>1002316
>g/u/rl doesn't know the local culture that everyone that is here is a g/u/rl
>The uneducated g/u/rls keep coming from some where no one knows
Maids should ban these people.

| Do not shit yourself, or is it too late?

| don't you all ever get bored with beating each others on the most dead horse topic?

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