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| Kool-Aid man

| >>523393
Hey 8bf535 from Thread >>>/burg/523392

| >/burg/523392
testing out cross board linking if that feature is on here

| >>>/burg/thread/523392

| Apparently every time you attempt to cross link to a thread on another board, it just gets edited to sending you to the front page of /burg/ for some reason. Anyways here was the thread

| /burg/

| if you type / burg / without the spaces in between it will turn into /burg/ lulwtf

| burg

| qwqwqwqwqwqqeqe

| Cross linking, just not on /test/ because theirs a word filter.
To cross link do >>/boardbans/postnumber so like
>>/test/523393 will link to this thread.
Fyi U turns into burg when lower case.

| >>523517
Wtf I'm tired
Cross linking works*

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This thread is permanently archived