Lain, the feature suggestion thread is broken

| Whenever I try posting on it the submit button keeps on "sending" then nothing happens.

| Just try to do it again

| Not broken, just full.
250 posts per thread mate.


| oh, it's supposed to display an alert if its full


| So I guess this is now the suggestion thread?

| >>376787
Ayy Lmao

| When people make a new thread on /all/ have it default to --- or [select a board] or something so that we don't keep getting off topic threads on /a/.

| Fix the thread watcher not drawing a bar on new posts when you enter a thread through it.

| > blah
Send halp.

| >>377620 yeah, it works when I enter posts not being watched but browsed before

| When i hide the version text, that rectangle looks so empty. Are burg g/burg/rls gonna do something about it or is it because of the themes?


| >>379891
yeah it's because some themes put their own text ther

| How about you add some kind of save data to the app so that your ID won't change when your phone switches IP adresses.


| >>380508
it would be possible but I don't really care enough. Pref proke it, pref can fix it.

| >>380610
I love you

| >>380610 any chance I can bribe you with some hugs to just disable them if you don't want to fix it?

| Can we get an /x/ board?

| >>381429 for what?

| could we get dates on posts?
That doesn't seem like something you guys haven't thought of yet while leads me to believe it was a conscious decision not to include dates.
If my assumption is correct, then could we get the explanation?

| >>381442

| >>381579
why the furrack do we have the same id

| ok so my real IP is 72.66.111.XX but I just logged in and dangeru is recording my IP as 172.68.54.XXX

What the furrack prefetcher

| ok I looked up the IP that it thinks I'm using; it's a cloudflare front relay in Boston. Prefetcher must have changed it to record the IP of the connection to awoo, not the X-Forwarded-For IP from the headers.

Basically when connecting to dangeru it goes


Awoo used to record the poster as (YOUR IP), but in this case it's recording the intermediary, (CLOUDFLARE) as the author of these posts.

| >>381579
the dates are already on the posts in the api.

| >>381780
Is there a way to see them on the site, or does that mean only an app can view them?
Really don't have much technical knowledge so I apologize if I'm asking something stupid!

| >>381579
IIRC, I think this was asked for before in one of the previous suggestion threads. Something about each individual posts having dates, but then it was rejected because it adds more clutter and wouldn't look good. The suggestion may have not been for dated posts, but I'm sure I remember that something was rejected because it wouldn't be aesthetic

| >>381888
How about only adding timestamps to posts more than 30 minutes apart? That interval could change but I really think having time/date is a useful feature.

| >>381442 paranormal board

| Could always just give us the option to toggle it.

| this is lain - the timestamps are already there. adding to the user interface would be useless.

| >>382196 sounds good

| We don't need /x/. /Lain/ already exists for occult discussion, and paranormal experiences can go on /burg/ or /d/.

| >>882f72 /burg/ amd /d/ are furracking cancer.

| Excuse my weird auto correct. I meant to say and* and furracking*.
Dont know where furracking came from.

| >>382516 Im new here. I guess thats the joke. 

| >>382697 I believe you can thank pref for that

| >>382752 Pref?

| /test/ virgins are the furracking funnies soykaf my nigga.

| person of African American descent*

| >>382792 prefetcher the loli who runs this site

| Lain, can you still ban people with the IDs still all whack?

| >>387955 I'd wager no, unless ids use the wrong ip but other sections of the code use the correct one?


| >>382752
actually me

| Danger is dying

| >>388707
No way.

| >>388707 this post was made just before the site went down. Very suspicious.

| Thread Watcher is more broken than usual, with a bunch of "null" threads and threads with -1 new posts.

| >>392097
That's cool,
I just hope the null posts you're reffering to are not those I'm thinking about... >:^)

| >>392097
That's because many threads were closed because of the spam, some were reopened but what can you do.

| Some imageboards have a feature called tripcodes which let you enter a part of the name string which gets hashed and displayed, and can be used to prove a persistent identity. Obviously danger/burg/ doesn't need names, but what about letting op enter a passcode which is hashed with the thread number or sth to make their number id? That way people could prove they are op, but not Be able to prove any cross-thread identities.

| Id's seem to be working normally btw

| 5 restarts later and I still have the same id

| A few hours and another 10 restarts later and still have the same id

Feels good

| >>395978 it was fun for a while but then it was just annoying


| Yep it looks like pref has pulled in both the ID fix and xsrf

| Praise the osaka loli

| >

| >>398137
I don't like this idea because it creates favoritism and a hierarchy in the community.

| >>398137
If the captcha is enough to stop the spam wave, then I won't think twice.
>I'm typing the captcha, 101%.

| >>398141


| >>398832
That shouldn't happen, it's using an american english dictionary, but I will take a look at it.

| >>398137


>>398141 >>398239 >>398240

There was already something like this in the discord. It was cancer, so it was removed. Never again.

| Seriously, make the "submit" button bigger. I often click the la/burg/ncher link accidentally.

| Make captcha non case sensitive, please? My goddamn phone starts every new line with upper case, and that's annoying to change to the lower case every time.


| >>403192 >>403219
I have never gotten a captcha with a question mark so I don't really know how to fix it, but I'm assuming it's caused by letters like é and ñ that do not exist in the font. I have updated the captcha generation to skip those letters, and I have also made the captcha downcase itself after you submit, so you can type it with uppercase letters if you want.

| >>403290 <3

| >>403290 Man, Lain you're such the best dev. I want you.

| >>403290
Thanks, man. So much more convenient now.

| I recommended this before, but I don't remember if anyone said anything:

Can we get a hide threads button, so threads we don't want to look at don't keep showing up when they get bumped?

| >>399586 make this please


| I'll put it on the todo list, so it'll make it into the next update, but no idea when that'll be

| >>404712
Yay. Thank you so much Lain.


| >>404748
yeah it made it into 4.2.5

will be simple to add it to desktop I just haven't done it yet

| Hide threads seems to be broken. Instead of hiding the thread it stops me from scrolling down once it reaches the hidden thread.


| >>406022
What os version? I'm not seeing that happen on either 4.4.4 or 8.0

| >>406040 It says I'm using Android 7.0.

| Any chance of removing the captcha on /burg/ since you can't really post text there the worst they could do is angry burg a bunch


| >>418315
not after mr. russia filled up 4 pages of /burg/ with 250-post threads of all angry burgs

| >>418436

burg is the wurg.

| When's /m/ovie&comics?

| In a previous feature suggestion thread (that I can't seem to find now) someone suggested using a hash system, where you would type in a passphrase and a hash would be added to your post. It would track identity between posts, stopping the op faking, but posting would still remain anonymous. I think it's a great idea

| I'm unsure if I should post it, but I will anyway. The augmented eye comment section currently doesn't have a CAPTCHA.

| Neither Kira's blog

| *A gif of Ricardo dancing naked to basshunter's Dota while a tik tok plays in the background*

| Can we ping Lain when a thread becomes nothing but people insulting each other?


| >>425411
trust me, I know

| So. Since I have no clue where I should post this.. furrack it.

The reason why you can't include the radio in the app was that you'd have to download all the songs with the app and that would increase the app in size, right?

What about creating some sort of DLC? Could be another app, could be an extension. I don't have the technical background to say nerdy soykaf and understand fully what I'm requesting here, but Termux sure has some extension apps. And so does Vanilla music player.

| >>453439
Sounds great, hopefully it isn't too hard to implement

| >>453439 I assume your talking about radi/burg/ and not the soundtrack, radi/burg/ has always streamed it's music so it should be possible to add a radi/burg/ "app" to this fairly easily or you could just open it in a web browser


| >>453439
No, this isn't the reason. Really there isn't a reason. Like I said before, there is already a standalone radi/burg/ app. I built a signed apk and gave it to pref, not sure why he hasn't put it on the play store.

I could cannabalize it and put the major components into the main app, but I'm not sure there's that much demand. Maybe that'll be a weekend project.

| >>455662 upload it to f-droid for the lulz


| I talked to pref. We won't put it in the main app in fear of copyright. He will put it on the play store after the redesign. I didn't ask how long that would take

| >>461767 Awesome! Thanks. <3

| any chance we can remove the captcha since it's not stopping the spammer anyway?

| If we could have a main chat room It could make things a little bit easier for conversations to start, but the again that would require staff to prevent spam and a whole server dedicated to this so yeah it's only a suggestion.

| >>517740 I think that's what the discord is for

| So you're saying that there is a server dedicated to this app? If there is one can anyone give an invite and ,if someone actually decides to, please make it have no expiation date.

| >>517798 indeed, it's too large for me to be comfortable but there is one

| I can't send anything using the app. Enter captcha again does not work.

| Can you allow full utf8 text?

| >>522185 sometimes captcha goes off screen, double check your letters, swap e & o, and i & l

| The captcha is furracking fine. Just read carefully.

| Crechys atoptle blanks >>cb8a04


| >>522240
I think we do...

| idk if you saw the thread but the last updated banner on main page should be updated otherwise newer g/burg/rls might think this website is abandoned and leave

| Piss nigga remix

| I'm on Android 9 and the music player inside the app doesn't work. Whenever I try to open it I only see a black screen, then the app freezes until I force-quit. Also no music on the main menu and when browsing danger/burg/, only tap sounds. Before changing phones I was on Android 5 and there were no problems.

| >>533639 I'm also on Android 9 and it works just fine

| Could there be a place where you can have a personal archive of threads? Like I have a few old threads that I liked and want to be able to go back to, but it would be nice to store them somewhere other than the thread watcher.

| >>534646 I just keep a notepad of the links, but a built in one might be neato.

| >>534646 You can access archived threads from the main page, at the bottom, under the boards

| >>535001 ya, but they want a personal archive, for threads only they care about.

| >>535149 yes, I believe they're saying they want a separate place for them to keep the thread watcher uncluttered


| /roll 100

| >##SYSTEM##

>>535966 rolled 47

| /roll 46

| /do a barrel roll

| I have a few ideas:
1. Add an settings icon to the homescreen of the app (just making it redirect to the current settings screen would work :p)
2. Add a way to favorite and add MP3 files to the music player?
3. Maybe add some more burg? Might be asking for a lot here!

Idk, just some ideas :p

| Oh, also maybe adding a button at the top to redirect you to the homescreen? Might be helpful?

| pee

| ❗

| >>962ece

| Does Lain still check this thread?

| Lain... your Tatsugotchi...

| Lain, the feature suggestion thread is dead

| >>558747 we must keep the burg balance for at least a day before anyone descends from the holy lands of Discord to danger/burg/

(which by the way is short on two burgs for keeping them equal)

| >>558775 this board will be shut down before we can keep equilibrium for a day and you know it!

| I feel like we should try doing pull requests and fixing stuff on the GitHub on awoo... Like that darn captcha and randomly assigning mod cards that lets you do one moderative activity (while disabling batch operations)


| >>543460
sort of...
I get emails when someone opens an issue or pr, so that's a much faster way to get in touch than this thread

| >>5512f8 is there a full-feature lain OS yet?

| Make radio.dangeru.us democratic and community run. Let us elect mods and also impeach them. Basically all the kids can do would be to add songs and restart the currently broken icecast server. I also want to help pay the bandwidth specifically for radio/burg/ where's the donate button

| Kids == mods sorry wtf autocorrect

| hello, I'm new to this chan. what up

| hey, is there a reason why most threads are locked?

| >>605323

Threads automatically lock after 24 hours of no new posts.

| > Kids == mods
true. ban me.

| is there any rss feeds in danger/burg/ ? Could be comfy to follow some threads

| dangeru >:3

| >>616313 wait, that's illegal

| Lain, the feature suggestion thread is useless

| mods i thought commiegurl was banned... well is she??? or is she not??? clear answers onlym!!

| /roll 100

| >>643527

| Awoo!

| >>613809 DAGA KOTOWARU

| Let's play Rock Paper Scissors


| Let's not

| >>685959 x2

| Never, they've stated multiple times that we ain't getting new boards, go post in >>>/lain/ it's literally got 0 threads

| When will danger/burg/ pass up for sale again?

| >>683976

| Maybe its your connection. If your having problems like that i just turn my wifi off and back on again.

| >>693953 pls no

| >>693953
Italic and bold make pixel fonts blurry as furrack in websites and underline/strikethrough would look bad because they are intended for more normal fonts and not pixel ones.

| Ofc its broken, its just lain around

| >>689864 ✌️

| Thread title character limit when?

| >>729914 Ive made some experiments, technicaly there is not word limit but if it reaches a point where the thread lags and it wont loqd, this making it non existent

| >>729924 Take my pleasure

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| >>734622 spam

| i hate british people

| Yo pref you better not forget to wake up ★KIRA★Miki after you finish a 100% playthrough of Nirvana

| Idea:
Fix the augmented eye

| >>745217 >>760810
Yes please

| Yay augmented eye is fixed :D

| We need someone to take over the augmented eye.

| Require captcha on /new/ and /a/

| Lain the feature suggestion thread is broken
Sussy baka

| Tripcodes

| Bruh

| the whole app but on Ubuntu touch. berry broken

| move /test/ to be the first board to have bots spam here instead of /a/

| Add an live chatroom (shoutbox) to the /burg/ app or maybe desktop website too. It'd act loke a shoutbox. You could set up some maids to watch it, or something. Clear the message history after like 200 messages?

| Suggestion, Lain come back

| >>797247 this is a shoutbox, but the messages are I love sex forever for all of us

| Why the hell did autocorrect change `saved` to `I love sex`?
Which of you I love sex that to my phone's dictionary?!

| Goddamnit

| I'm using UAPP to play it as a stream, and it's not getting any metadata — could a shoutcast-compatible stream be used please, or, perhaps, metadata included somehow? Love the vibes.

| >>825558 posted in wrong thread but this is about radio and closest appropriate where such request could be sent. Don't beat me over the head too much, g/burg/rls, I'm new to this
Soz though.

| hi


| >>825559 beat you with the head instead

| >>797247
I second this!



| >>885751 hi SO BORED AAAAAAAA, I'm dad

| everytime you make a new thread in /v/ you get 1 auto reply of "elona"

| Hello suckers

| >>935739 elona

| >>898273 Hi Dad... I am your daughter, "entertained", why did you leave us those many moons ago?

| Hey Lain, is threadwatcher ip based?

| Is this where the netteeth hide? I've been looking for them...

| Also, why is miki's blog down? ;-;

| Lain is Lain, it is enough to cum in socket

| Nooo pedoLain shiteaters


| >>821964

| >>1008422 *fucks your mouth*

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