Is world ready for necrobots?

| Let's say that human body die, we don't know well how to recover human brain.. But what if we removed this brain and replaced it by some kind of computer controlling unit which would take control over nerve system of dead person? This kind of device combined with ai could theoretically being used for labor work or army.. also there would being need to keep rest of body alive but theoretically it can being more effective than making complex hardware

| also it can change way how modern war can looks like, person what died by brain dead could being used for fight in front line, also it can being really effective kind of weapon for demoralise of enemy. Imagine that your enemy is not even consciousness, is not looking much different from you, but already can count all heads what see and if see known faces from database, it can already know you.

| it's maybe a lot sci-fi and bizzare idea, but i'm curious about your opinions this kind of technology, possibilities, if it's or not possible or so..

Little inspired by these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58AmZzsvmbY

| Also i'm warning that i didn't study biology, neurology, biochemistry, medicine or other similar topics.. I have only studied IT, Production, Marketing, Economy, Media, partically Art and honestly little far related topics.. Now i'm wanting continue to study about international relations. But i like to read about technologies, but is possible that my concept is false. If is not makes sense i would really welcome correction why ^^

| >>893766 Aw sweet man made horrors beyond my comprehension

| >>893772 tbh more scary than necrobots are xenobots little xd but why behind your comprehension? It's because of my bad english? :c

| necrons?

| Well that sounds like zombies with extra steps.

| This thread reminds me about a Black Mirror episode? Someone's partner dies and she orders a body double with an artificial brain made by an AI and it's basically a poor cariacture of her former boyfriend walking around in his identical shell.

| >>893928 little bit yes, but something must replace brain if is brain away xd
i saw only first series and than some more 2 random espides but not this one.. it is interesting usage, but i'm worrying that this kind of body wouldn't last much longer. also is really difficult to make AI which would being able to imitate realistic human interaction, Turing test wasn't beated yet, also it would being difficult to make "copy" of someone personality, memories, expriences and so
-szui lrq

| pretty sure /cyb/ played around with this concept a few years ago

| One question would be, is the brain the only thing that represents "self"? If we remove the brain and replace it with AI, are we sure the body is void of the original persons sense of self.

Ideas like a "soul" come to mind but also genes and their "memories".

| Thanks for ideas for my cyberpunk ttrpg campaign

| >>894438 after lobotomy people channged and lost mentla abilities, so them psyche basically died. Personality is a lot connected with memories and experiences. Without them is there almost nothing.. without brain there isn't even way how to control basic functions as breathing, circulating blood, movement etc. So it's why must being replaced. Theoretically body itself can be alive, but are cells really "self"? Body is than more like cell ecosystem

| https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_death

| >>894557 you are welcome xd

| https://www.businessinsider.com/the-man-who-lived-a-normal-life-with-almost-no-brain-2015-10

| Okay so.. why would anyone do this? It doesn't make sense when your manufacturing capabilities are so advanced, just make fresh machine bodies. The cheapest fiberglass and steel are far more capable than the strongest, fittest human body. Plus robot don't rapidly decay or suffer any myriad of issues, and its unarguably much cheaper to perform repairs. Human body also require human food as energy, whereas robots can use literally anything. Think about the logistics of war!

| >>894713 it's pretty close to be ecological, also you doesn't need to manufacture engine, rotors, and you can just feed it as it's used to, also i doesn't say that it is supposed to stay in maintentace, it can be used for attack in front line, self-destructive bomb attack or anything. Theoretically any well maintented body could be used again before last farewell.

| Real "price" question is, how well and fast could being able surgeon. Will we have automated line what can wire all nerves correctly in few minutes, hours? And will be able to calibrate it fast enough? Or it can take multiple days? So it will need to stay feeded. And how much blood will must being donated for surgeon. But use of steel is little lost of valuable material in suicidal mission

| And also price of this kind computer, but if it would being just motherboard with electrods, by time it can become cheaper

| >>893766
One, world is ruled by money, warfare as well. Recruiting pawns is easier than resurrecting corpses in large numbers.

Second, when brain dies, everything in body dies. So we're talking about using flimsy soft perishable corpses as robot parts. "Resurrection" has to be instant and in perfect conditions.

We don't even have war droids with high-quality alloys yet. We don't understand brain. Neuralink is a scam and not working.

This is super sci-fi speculation, >>>/cyb/.

| >>895527 but you can't waste pawns when your country is having low population, so recyclation isn't so bad idea..
I was mean on mental level, when is brainstem/spinal cord fine. But definitely it would must done fast.
Neuralink is BCI project which is trying solving things as amputee, this one wouldn't being for user, but user would being bot. It should have just trigger nerve.. But difficult sounds balance and not make epileptic soldier xd

| >>895527 /cyb/ is for roleplay as i know, so no really,>>>/d/
-szui lrq

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