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Search engines

| I stopped using google for 2 years now. I'm only using duckduckgo and Bing for images (it has a lot of cool features).
i only use google as a last resort for simple and image searches(which usually fails 4/5 times).

i also love SauceNao for >>>/d/ searches

do you use a not-Google engine?

| Qwant is nice. Privacy focused, quite new but doing relatively well.

| searX and Yandex. Yandex's algorithm is fantastic for searching partial images that SauceNao can't do. searX because >muh privacy.

| Ecosia.

| StartPage got some nice privacy features

| I use DDG when i want to search with accuracy and speed, otherwise i just use SearX.me for privacy.
Startpage is better than DDG with accuracy but can be slow as hell.

| the only google services i depend on currently are translate and maps.

| >>536037 What makes qwant special than any other search engine? There's plenty of other search engines that are privacy focused

| >>536471 It works better than DDG, has a nice UI, has a Web/Pictures/etc... Split, has a (well, alpha) maps alternative, and keeps on improving.

| >>536037 looks promising, fast, beautiful UI, pleasant experience and privacy focus
Might start using it instead of DDG

| pls make a list

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This thread is permanently archived