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Henry Kissinger dead!!! :3 YIPPIEIEEE

| It actually finally happened gurls! ※\(^o^)/※
I started to think he'd never bite the dust.


| yippee!!!! :3

| What is wrong about him?

| What is wrong about him?

| H3ll y3ah

| >>988056 jew

| >>988135 jews are hated?:o

| >>988170 any ethnicity that manages to get hated for 2 thousand years straight is doing something wrong
t. henry kissinger

| >>988172 wait he was jew, and he quoted this about jews? xD

| >>988135 I don't think being jewish is the reason why people hate him.
its more of the whole "bombing cambodia", "contributing to genocide in East Pakistan, East Timor, etc" "Operation Condor"

| Henry Kissinger? More like Henry Killinger ... !!

| >>d00d14 thanks d00d for explain

| >>5db799
The guild of calamitous intent would like to speak with you.

| The systems which allowed for his existence continue! Yipno

| Meow meow lol :3

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This thread is permanently archived