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Transgender Lives in Ancient Rome: The Case of Empress Elagabalus

| “Call me not Lord, for I am a Lady.”

According to ancient texts and artifacts, Elagabalus, who ruled Rome some 1800 years ago was not an emperor. She was the transgender empress of Rome Elagabalus.

She used she/her pronouns, changed her name, offered a huge reward to anybody who could give her gender confirmation surgery, she married a man and insisted on being called his wife, wore makeup and female clothing and plucked her facial hair, etc...

| We know that Elagabalus identified as a woman and was explicit about which pronouns to use, which shows that pronouns are not a new thing.

While the term “transgender” is a modern construction, Elagabalus is not the first documented gender-bending Roman ruler or consort – although not all were willing to transition.


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| >>987697
They were also a pedophile and a tyrant and most of the sources for this come from people who hated the emperor.

| >>988396 The pedophile and tyrant part is why chuds revere the empire so much, yes. It's kind of par for the course.

| >>988401
Video that explains it a lot better than I can, and if you don't trust this they cite a trans youtuber that talks about it also being probably just senators slandering an emperor they didn't like and would later go on to mutilate and dump in sewage. If you'd prefer.


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| Now chuds can't say trans people didn't exist nor that they don't have any history
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