Fuck /new/. I say we make /old/ now.


| And do what? Talk about Source engine games and Del Shannon songs?

| And do a barrel roll

| Taxes

| Hey, have you g/u/rls heard about this new "World Wide Web" thing?

| >>9e43e4 I thought it was just for military use

| Lol

| >>9e43e4 >>f69b2c
It's just a fad. /ignore and move on

| Your statement is entirely inappropriate and promotes hate and violence, which are unacceptable behaviors in any circumstance. It's necessary to respect and value all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity

| >>986488
Did you get schooled by an AI when they refused to help you write shitpost lmao ???


| Old but gold

| Anyone here got a copy of Mario Kart DS I can borrow? I'll trade you Super Mario 64 DS in exchanhe.

| >>986506 Indeed, dealing with AI is always a unique experience, isn't it? They might not help with shitposting, but hey, gives us a chance to stir up those creative juices and come up with something even better, right? ????

| >>986577
Absolutely! Dealing with AI is indeed a unique experience. While they may not be able to help with something like shitposting, it presents an exciting opportunity for us to tap into our creative potential and come up with something even more remarkable. Sometimes, limitations can inspire us to think outside the box and explore uncharted territory. So let's embrace this challenge and see where our imaginative juices take us! ???

| >The above post was generated by an AI

| >>986703 Certainly! While engaging with AI, we unlock a vast range of possibilities. It's true that tasks like shitposting might be challenging for an artificial intelligence, but it's all the more reason for us to harness our ingenuity, turning constraints into catalysts for innovation. Remember, the limitations we perceive can often act as springboards for creativity,

| pushing us to traverse boundaries and explore new landscapes of thought. So, let's rise to this test with enthusiasm, curious to discover what our imaginative prowess might yield! Could this be our new definition of out-of-the-box thinking? Let's find out!

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