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Myanmar November 2023

| Glorious PDF units fight alongside ethnic armies and deserters in the name of democracy.
20% armed with actual weapon, another 40% armed with crossbows, slings, and homemade guns.
Now they have taken hundreds of military bases, villages, and even a provincial capital by storm and captured vital border towns which govern trade with China.

| No foreign help and no mercy against the china backed and russian funded Junta.

| and big shoutout to Thailand for shutting off power to dozens of illegal chinese gambling towns in Myanmar.

| liberty and freedom are non negotiable!!!

| your "source" has literally nothing to do with any of the claims you make

and one that i found for you claims that singapore is also providing military aid, so nice axis of evil you've got there idiot

| another nation headed by a dictator?
big surprise there. sorry I forgot one of the enemies of democracy. Won't happen again when the time for tribunal comes.

| >>984747 and if CNN counts as a proper source in this conflict then here: https://www.usip.org/publications/2022/11/understanding-peoples-defense-forces-myanmar

| thanks 50k chan.
really needed that pep talk rn.

| Myanmar isn't real
I'd like a tea leaf salad

| >>985285 we are out of tea leaf salad but could I interest you in my phat steaming cock? Recommendation from the chef.

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This thread is permanently archived