Russia Blocks 167 VPNs, Steps Up OpenVPN and WireGuard Disruption

| The head of the Russian department responsible for identifying threats to the "stability, security and integrity" of the internet, has revealed the extent of the Gremlin's VPN crackdown. Former FSO officer Sergei Khutortsev, a central figure in Russia's 'sovereign internet' project, confirmed that 167 VPN services are now blocked along with over 200 email services. Russia is also reported as stepping up measures against protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2 and WireGuard.

| Late March 2023, Russia augmented its long-burning VPN crackdown with a series of PSAs claiming that using a VPN for security is actually much worse than not using a VPN at all. >lol

One of the ads warned that VPNs somehow obtain users’ passport details, plus their names, addresses, and dates of birth. >lol

| During the summer, President Pitler signed off on legal amendments that will require internet platforms, such as social networks, to verify new users’ identities using their passports.

Providing advice on the use of VPNs or similar tools to access banned internet resources was rendered a criminal offense.

| Russia’s ongoing VPN crackdown appears to be going in one direction; the end of any VPN service that refuses to play ball, consequences for those who dare to discuss them, and potentially anyone who knowingly uses them. The latter may take some time to emerge but in the meantime, Russia is attempting to remove as many as possible from the market.

| Sergei Khutortsev, a former FSO officer and now a central figure in Russia’s ‘sovereign internet’ project, confirmed that 167 VPN services are now actively blocked after failing to comply with government requirements. Also subject to blocking are more than 200 email services.


Sadly, the troll farms will likely continue to use VPNs to spread hate and discord on sites such as this.

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They are much more focused on mainstream social media, but sadly that's true.

| While they block 167 VPN services, 200 more appear...

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I doubt the credibility of that claim but it would be a smart move.

It's not like it's hard for an ISP to recognize encrypted traffic but researching if it's due to a VPN requires a little bit more effort, so the more people who use them the more effort they'll have to spend on curbing it.

| The thing is, when new VPN-like services keeps popping up all the time it might be hard for some people to find the trusty ones and they may end up using a state-controlled honey-pot.

| Looks like they are going China on the Internet, real shame for the decent Russian people there getting further choked out of free information.

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It sucks for everyone.

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