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Open Border, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, the World and United States of Mexico

| One night in just one area of the border


Human smugglers might be part of a drun running anti-American political movement or want Texas and Calfornia back, some gangs are an unofficial branch of the corrupt Mexican military

| Sorry, Xitter apparently isn't a credible news source no matter which organisation is behind the account. Expect this thread to get locked unless you find a different url.

I disagree with the maids interpretation of this rule btw but whatcha gonna do.

| >Human smugglers
you go ahead and try to immigrate legally. a mf with two phds will have to put her life on hold for 3 years because reagan and his friends defunded immigration services
the existence of human smugglers is by dc's design
>want Texas and Calfornia back
give it back to them, and i say this as a hwite g/u/rl born and raised in south texas. both states are scourges upon this country

| new mexico is fine but you're on thin fucking ice

| >some gangs are an unofficial branch of the corrupt Mexican military
the government started trying to tell mfs what they can and cannot consume and now there's kids drugged up on pcp running around with kalashnikovs all over mexico like it's the liberian civil war, fighting other cartels and generally doing spic shit

but y'all nazi motherfuckers never listened to reason much, did you

| >>973261 I replied to your thread in /test/ asking some legitimate questions, and none of the g/u/rls ever got back to me. I'm going to go ahead and revive that thread in case you wanted another chance to answer those questions. Until we've got a good, easy, and quick method to sort sources from Twitter, threads that use sources from the site will be locked and OPs will be asked to repost the thread.

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This thread is permanently archived