Wealth inequality

| The ultra-rich enact and enforce policy that steals wealth and opportunity and if you complain they blame the victims and try to turn the poor on ourselves. You're not struggling because some family is getting food stamps in a tough period, you're struggling because rich people want more money they'll never need.

When people address wealth inequality rather than being caught up in distraction tricks like nationalism or cultural issues, progress might be made.

| What do you think should be done specifically?

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| https://crushcapitalism.neocities.org/

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A good first step is to acknowledge and talk about wealth inequality.

Most people doesn't understand it and then there's some who's knee-jerk reaction is to dismisse it despite being a victim of it. The ultra-rich are the only ones who gain anything by us keeping quiet so it's important to acknowledge it and to spread the word.

| kind of funny because every time these economic reductions are made you fall prey to your own accusations of missing the forest for the trees

if you are unable or unwilling to reckon with the historical prejudices that have dictated policy and economy that is a failing on your own part

in the west, the demographic poverty and disenfranchisement of Black and indigenous ppls is inextricable from the mechanisms of wealth inequality. we either address all the cans of worms or none.

| that being said, we should pick our battles, and i can agree that many performative appeals offer nothing. what did pussy hat parades get us? nothing, because nothing was demanded beyond "end misogyny" and nothing was threatened or pyt to the sword. compare that to the Taylor-Floyd protests, which regardless of how you saw then or what you think of the actions taken, both directly threatened mechanisms of the status quo and demanded a response and demanded a defunding of police

| These protests were also effective because they mobilised the broader public, and not simply Black people. people were able to largely recognise the injustices done and stand together to condemn it, such as the disenfranchised public can (essentially by forming one big fist and smashing enough stuff the Haves are forced to acknowledge the Havenots)

| tldr to claim things like cultural and national issues take backseat is likely offbase in a lot of cases. rather, we need to reconcile the issues faced by those cultures and demographics with the overarching political and economic systems. one cannot supersede the other.

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this is not a suitable response but somehow spot on for a liberal deluded it is a leftist. said my piece and you clearly have nothing to offer or critique so


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it is entirely suitable because the sole purpose of your wall of text is distraction and you're not even subtle about it. no one is buying what you're selling.


| >>972143 what larp? I genuinely want to plan a bomb in jeff bezos' house (in minecraft)

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| >>972141 agree the rich should be killed, specially the group that overrepresents billionaires.

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they truly offer nothing.
they should be rounded up and be made to plant trees for the rest of their lives. then mulched. i used to just say mulched but make em give at least a crumb back to the world they helped ravage yknow

| It makes sense. We are constantly distracted by something. They constantly pit each other for various reasons, be it religion, nation, gender, and so on. Unfortunately, many people fall for it. This is the cause of most (if not all) conflicts on our planet. It's sad, but there's hardly anything that can be done about it.

| a very good funny is to take your garden variety liberal and show them actual us government propaganda, for example this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm3GsSWKyso
and make sure to ask them how much of the slave world they see in america today :)
neat little radicalization tool, and what are they gonna do, argue against the us government?

| wealth is and has been the biggest facade since humanity. not saying become a monk moreover live it your way and dont worry about which class you fit into

| >>972202 How funny is that. Propaganda is always the same. Your country is the best, your enemy needs "liberation"

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| >>6f2d85 based intersectionality enjoyer
also what's up with the commie posting nowadays where did that come from. I'm not complaining but what spurred this.

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idk!! im also okay with it. afaic as long as you arent bigoted, and agree that everyone deserves water, food, shelter, healthcare, and education we're on the same page, and the rest is just details. <3

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obvious samefag is obvious

sounds like you're sticking your head in the sand for basically every other problem that exists in the world...

| >>972324 everyone? Even the bigoteds?

| >>972292 >>972324 I'm a fan of enforced capitalism. Right now, we don't live in a capitalistic world. We love in a monopolistic one. For most products or services you need, you only have the ability to choose between one and three companies (masked by their subsideries, which makes it "appear" as though you have more choice than you actually do). And even those two or three choices are primarily owned by BlackRock & Vanguard, which can vote on behalf of their clients.

| Capitalism only works when there's competition, which there is a severe lack of at the moment. When there's only two or three companies that work together to fix prices and reduce competition, it's time for a trust bust. That's the entire basis for capitalism. For some reason though, people think that all government intervention (even intervention that will make more competition - the philosophy of which an entire capitalistic society is based off) is an inherently communist idea.

| Idk. I think companies are getting too big, and I'm tired of only having three grocers and telecom companies to choose from. :/

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no, i'm really not. its also ironic you say this when in OP you decry myriad issues in favour of economic.

what i listed are the bare minimums i expect of people. next would be discussing how to implement and propogate which ideas.

we have nothing left to talk about.

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everyone. someone's bigotry would have to be addressed directly, but to say "we will withhold human necessities from people unless x" doesnt sit well with me

and obv there is a world of effective difference between some rude piece of shit and someone attempting to enact rhetoric or policy of bigotry

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i disagree and you seem to think monopoly is mutually exclusive with capitalism and not part and parcel/the logical climax (before the inevitable dissolution)

but i'm tired and it seems like a lot of this is falling on deaf ears

hope yall are doing well and in closing, a reminder:

Communism will win <3

| >>>972342
no, what you are doing is a distraction tactic. nothing more and nothing less.

let me ask you again, how many rubels do you earn a day from shitposting on danger/u/?

| >>972348 I probably could have explained myself better. Monopolies *are* the conclusion of capitalism, every time. In a capitalistic society, the conglomeration machines will always go brrr. Which is why we need a ruling entity to enforce competition by trust busting, which they currently are not. Capitalism requires eventual intervention to work. It stops working as a system without intervention.

| >>972372

my apologies as well im...clearly jaded dealing with ppl unwilling to converse and dismissed you because of it

i cant disagree with that. a planned and regulated economy would, at the very least, be a step up.

it's honestly a damn shame that the productive potential of capitalism is reduced to the single facet of profitability and not abundance

| eat the rich

| >>972372 who will be in charge of this "ruling entity"?

| >>972380 jews, duh
they clearly know how to do a capitalism

| >>972380 well, it's supposed to be the government that we vote in.

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>>972383 >>believes in voting lel

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How about I get to be the ruler of Earth? I promise there will be seggs for everyone!

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| >>972335 >>972337 you fail to realize that competition implies that someone can win, and winning in this system means monopolizing the market. without strong anti trust legislation narrowing of the market is inevitable as the companies that can't compete go broke and the solidified power of the monopoly becomes essentially too big to fail. and all of this is not to speak of the so called "cronyism" as big business interferes with politics to get their way.

| >>972605 so this whole "monopolism" or "cronyism" is really just the system working as intended. my point isn't just "capitalism bad" tho, it's more just an add-on to the old "communism is nice in theory" argument that people like to do, I/e, every ideology has sort of an idealized state that is practically impossible and people should try to find one that sucks the least for the most amount of people. but hey if you believe that capitalism is just that, all power to you, g/u/rls!

| >>972327 also lmao, implying there's more than just one person posting here

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