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China has declared part of Russia as its territory on new official maps

| China's state-owned Standard Map Service has presented a set of geographic maps for 2023, on which for the first time part of russia's territory is indicated as part of China.

China has had a particular interest in the territory, disputing its status since 1964. In 2008, Russia handed over the western part of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island and other territories to China.


| Fun fact: Since the fall of the Soviet Union, all border deals between China and Russia have ended in China's favor and Russia has had to give up Russian territory to China every time, three times so far, but there will probably be more. Russia is clearly China's bitch.

| All world China's bitch

| >>971865
ruzzia is a joke

| Turns out China has been doing this since march. What is ruzzia gonna do about it? Isn't our resident ruzzian troll gonna speak up and defend the motherland? lol



| Sino-Soviet Split 2

| >>972139 your life is a joke

| Ахаха, блять, какие же пиндосы тупые.

| ruzzia is in the finding out stage of "fuck around and find out".

ruzzia is weak right now and will be having huge trouble staying afloat in the near future and china is well aware of this.

| G/u/rls... none of these sources are news articles. One is a Tweet (or post, or xeet, take your pick), the other is a YouTube video, one of them is some person's blog, and the last is an opinion article. Please feel free to repost the thread with a news article.

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