| you all need to read this shit for a second.

| actually damn should this have been posted in /new/?

| Cool stuff OP. I think this is key to understanding why so many people get fucken noided by politics.

| >loud morons suffer from cognitive bias

and water is wet!?

| >>957480 nothing around you is wet

| >>957483
OP is being a meanie

| too lazy. I can't get to the link by the title. I only want to do one click

| >>957489
It's fine, it wasn't for us to read anyway. It was for OP to feel something about herself. She's the one who acts like everyone is mean to her and therefore thinks it's acceptable to be mean to everyone else as a result, not realizing that she's been staring into the abyss for too long.

| >>957489
fat fuck

| >>957491 chiiillll gurl. i just shared this link cause 1. i had just discovered it and thought it was interesting and 2. not to be disrespectful but i think the ones here that might not acknowledge this need to read it.

| >coined

I hate this word

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