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Cockroaches affecting the political world

| How do we solve the issue?

| By genociding them, of course

| We invite them through our borders so they integrate with the western world

| hehehey g/u/rls i'm gonna do a /new/
>>948093 >ukraine

| by lowering taxes for the rich

| poles have been polishing the cocks of german horses for a thousand years before being elevated to sapience by the ussr

| >>948067 Tax the rich, fund education as civics and being well informed are good, fund public health care and infrastructure. Also push for basic income and finding ways to grow communities to end alienation and atomization which are part of the reason so many young men fall through the cracks.

| Ask this is fascism or its sister ideologies really appealing? A world of tyanny, no freedom, media that's not supported by the regime banned, your life regimented, controlled and worship of the military and some leader figure? A society that never advances but just looks for enemies and must always keep inventing new ones to sustain itself, its a suicide cult.

Sounds a bit shit innit?

| >>948398 Video games you love? They'll get banned under a fascist government as only media and art that venerates the regime is allowed. This happened with art znd books under nazi Germany and they'd do it again, the swines.

| we must nuke America, repeatedly

| >>34e35d
A non-meme answer? On modern day /new/? You're giving me hope for the future, lol.

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This thread is permanently archived